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Preconception PCO(s)

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In stock
Advisory: Shelf life on MedPax is 60 days from date of fulfillment.

Prioritize your well-being without sacrificing convenience. Health Youniversity’s Custom Nutrient Packs offer state of the art technology to combine any combination of formulas in convenient 30-day dose packs. Health Youniversity’s Preconception PCO(s) Pack includes

3 Caps AM & 2 Caps PM of MamaCare Prenatal which is designed to nourish maternal health prior to conception and during pregnancy while optimally supporting the baby’s healthy development. Key nutrients are provided in forms that enhance absorption and are gentle on the digestive tract.


  • 5-MTHF – the most biologically active form of folate, an essential vitamin for brain and spinal cord development*
  • Bioavailable and gentle minerals – Ferrochel® iron, DimaCal® calcium, and trace minerals provided as amino acid chelates promote optimal utilization while being gentle to the gastrointestinal tract

1 Cap AM & PM of CoQ10 Omega Prime which provides dual-action support with conveniently high levels of patented ingredients selected for their individual roles in promoting mitochondrial health. MaxSimil® highly absorbable monoglyceride fish oil is International Fish Oil Standards (IFOS) five-star certified. Kaneka Q10®, a naturally pure form of bioidentical CoQ10, is well researched for boosting energy productio and protecting the system from oxidative stress.

1 Cap AM of DHA OmegaPure which features patented, International Fish Oil Standards (IFOS) five-star certified MaxSimil® DHA monoglyceride fish oil. This readily absorbed omega-3 fatty acid formula provides concentrated docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) plus eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA). DHA is often recommended during pregnancy to support healthy fetal brain development. Throughout the life span, both DHA and EPA support healthy brain, heart, immune, and eye function as well as healthy eicosanoid metabolism.

1 Cap PM of Genius Gut Biotic which is ideal for individuals seeking a well-rounded supplement to support a healthy balance of intestinal flora, cellular health, and immune health. It features four probiotic strains, including the extensively studied HN019 strain of Bifidobacterium lactis, plus Saccharomyces boulardii (Sb), a non-pathogenic yeast, to further complement healthy gastrointestinal ecology. Gastro-resistant, vegetarian capsules provide an innovative solution for targeted delivery of sensitive ingredients to the small intestine, as they alleviate exposure to the low pH environment of the stomach. Additionally, each capsule is sealed in a nitrogen-purged blister pack to provide protection from heat, moisture, and oxygen, factors known to compromise probiotic stability.

1 Cap AM & PM of Liver Detox Support is a comprehensive formula designed to support phase I and phase II liver detoxification of environmental pollutants, endocrine disruptors, estrogen metabolites, xenoestrogens, and other toxins. Liver Detox Support also supports antioxidant activity throughout the detoxification process. Micronutrients, phytonutrients, and activated cofactors provide additional support for energy production, cellular protection and liver function during crucial metabolic biotransformation processes.

1 Cap AM of Berberine Balance which features dihydroberberine (DHB), a highly bioavailable metabolite of berberine with demonstrated benefits for blood glucose metabolism. Berberine naturally occurs in several plant species used extensively in traditional Ayurvedic and Chinese
herbal practices; DHB is the natural bioactive form of berberine.